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Welcome To New Rito Online Store

Welcome To Rito Dental New Online Store!

Please register from our new online store 

We are stilling updating our store, We need you help us to improve, please let us know if you find any bugs from our online store.

What is new from the new store. 
1. New store is better design on searching and nice looking.
2. New store is more clear for the model number when ordering.
3. New store is upgrading more funtions, such as forum for handpiece repairing.
4. Clints will get bonus return for thier orders on the new store. (Please confirm the recieving as soon as you get the goods from us, and the system will return you the bonus)

Do our old clients need to register from the new store?
Yes, all clients need to regester a new account from the new store and be verified before ordering. 

What about my orders data on the old store?
We will keep the old store running and our clients can still work on the old store any time. 

Please do not hasitate to contact us if you have any question!

We need you help to improve!

Thank you very much !